The ADS All-Sky Survey


Pepe A, Goodman A, Muench A. The ADS All-Sky Survey, in Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX. Paris, France ; 2012. Copy at
1111.3983v1.pdf702 KB


The ADS All-Sky Survey (ADSASS) is an ongoing effort aimed at turning the NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), widely known for its unrivaled value as a literature resource for astronomers, into a data resource. The ADS is not a data repository per se, but it implicitly contains valuable holdings of astronomical data, in the form of images, tables and object references contained within articles. The objective of the ADSASS effort is to extract these data and make them discoverable and available through existing data viewers. The resulting ADSASS data layer promises to greatly enhance workflows and enable new research by tying astronomical literature and data assets into one resource.


Last updated on 01/23/2012