Alyssa Goodman: The Art of Numbers, Data Visualization in the 21st Century, at Harvard Club of Fairlfield County, CT, Monday, May 6, 2013

Data visualization has always been valuable in historically quantitative pursuits like science and engineering, but today's world presents us with so much information that visualization is beginning to permeate all fields of scholarship, as well as our daily lives. As trends push toward "evidence-based" medicine, business practices, and education, mapping, graphing, and other display techniques developed by...

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Alyssa Godman: Seeing More in Data, at Stats 303, Harvard University, Tuesday, April 23, 2013:

Stats 303 special "Grand Finale" lecture

Some scientists still think that good data visualization is only necessary when presenting work to "the public". In truth, thinking hard about how to learn the most from any data set should always involve some form of graph, map, chart, or other visual statistical display. This talk will demonstrate how visualization techniques that include so-called "linked views" offer new insights to researchers visualizing large and/or diverse data sets. In particular, the talk will highlight a few high-dimensional visualization examples where ideas about linked views first put forth by John Tukey are extended beyond two-dimensional displays and point clouds. Examples will be principally drawn from astronomy and medical imaging, and software highlighted will include the Universe Information System known as "WorldWide Telescope" ( and a new python-based linked-view system called "Glue" (

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Alyssa Goodman: Seamless Astronomy...and The Bones of the Milky Way, at Columbia University (The Bishop Lecture), Saturday, April 20, 2013:

Most astronomy researchers use online travel tools like Kayak and Expedia, yet they don't expect such integrative services in their research. Instead, they use "modernized" versions of old technologies, such as sending each other email in lieu of paper letters. Some astronomers, however, are leading the way toward a future that has much less precedent in a pre-internet world. In this talk, I will explain elements of what future-leaning astronomers mean by "Seamless Astronomy", a term which effectively describes an ecosystem for scholarly research as smart and streamlined as Kayak is for...

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