Alyssa Goodman: Seeing Science: Data Visualization in Modern Research and Teaching

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Paris, France

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This talk was delivered at the Harvard Business School's European Research Centre, to the members of the Harvard Club of France, and their guests.

ABSTRACT: Long ago, data visualization was  niche art, practiced only by those deeply committed to the power of visual communication.  Today, though, with the increasing volumes of data available not only to scientists, but to all, there is  rapidly increasing interest--and capability--in the visual exploration and explanation of data.  In this talk, Goodman will bring some of what she teaches Harvard undergraduates in her "Art of Numbers" course to Paris.  An historical perspective on visualization over the past two centuries will be offered, followed by a set of examples showing how modern techniques allow data to "come alive," even for non-experts.  The talk will also include a live demonstration of the Microsoft WorldWide Telescope program, and its Kinect interface, which allows humans to fly through the Universe.