Data Citations Principles Worshop


Mon - Tue, May 16 to May 17, 8:30am - 5:30pm

The goal of the Data Citation Principles workshop is to facilitate collaboration among leaders in publishing, data archiving and data citation research and to articulate common answers to core questions such as:  Should data that is used to support published research results be cited in peer-reviewed articles presenting those results? Should each citation include sufficient information to allow a unique dataset to be identified over time? Should citations to data appear in a consistent place within publication? Should citations to data be indexable so that they can be used for linkage and impact analysis?


Two major outcomes of the workshop will be a identify consensus areas for data citation ; and a set of challenge areas for research and infrastructure development. We expect that this will be of value to researchers, professional organizations considering the adoption of data citation standards, and major research funders.

Please contact Merce Crosas or Micah Altman Micah_Altman@harvard.edufor more information.

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