Bruno Merín: ESASky 
“All Skies in your Browser”


Friday, December 15, 2017, 10:00am to 11:00am


Philips Auditorium
Abstract: With the goal of simplifying the access to science data to citizens, ESA recently released ESASky (, a new open-science easy-to-use portal with the science-ready Astronomy data from ESA and other major data providers. In this presentation, I will present version 2.0 of the application, which includes access to all science-ready images, catalogues and spectra, a feature to help planning of future JWST observations, the possibility to search for data of all (targeted and serendipitously observed) Solar System Objects in Astronomy images, support to mobile devices and several other smaller usability features. After the demo, attendees will be invited to play with the tool and challenged to find a few interesting objects and facts from their rich visual multi-wavelength data.
ESA Skies Screen Capture of software
Astronomer working as Astronomy Archives Science Lead at the ESAC Science Data Centre of ESA in Spain. Scientifically, I am interested in star and planet formation studies, mostly in transitional disks and large-scale statistics of disk evolution as compared with currently known exoplanet populations. For my functional work, I am interested in exploitation of the data from the Astronomy missions, scientific software, astronomical archival research, usability of user interfaces and citizen science projects.
Born in Spain in 1975, I got my Ph.D. at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid under the supervision from Profs. Carlos Eiroa and Benjamin Montesinos. During this phase I visited Astronomy Institute in Morelia (Mexico) to work with Dr. Paola D’Alessio and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics to work with Profs. Nuria Calvet and Lee Hartmann. After the Ph.D. I was a Ramon Areces Postdoctoral Fellow at the Leiden Observatory, working with Profs. Ewine van Dishoeck, and Neal Evans (from Texas University at Austin) in the Spitzer c2d Legacy Program and then an ESA Research Fellow at ESTEC working with Dr. Timo Prusti on the analysis of the Spitzer data of transitional disks. In 2008 I joined ESA as Data Processing Scientist working at the Herschel Science Centre, at ESAC in Madrid and in 2015 I became the Astronomy archives science lead at the ESAC Science Data Centre.
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