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With Astronomy Rewind, Citizen Scientists Bring Zombie Astrophotos Back to Life

March 23, 2017


"A new citizen-science project will rescue tens of thousands of potentially valuable cosmic images that are mostly dead to science and bring them fully back to life. Called Astronomy Rewind, the effort, which launches today (22 March 2017), will take photographs, radio maps, and other telescopic images that have been scanned from the pages of dusty old journals and place them in context in digital sky atlases and catalogs. Anyone will then be able to find them online and compare them with modern electronic data...

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WorldWide Telescope Has a New Home: The AAS

WorldWide Telescope Has a New Home: The AAS

January 7, 2016

"On 4 January 2016 the Council of the American Astronomical Society voted to make the AAS the institutional home of WorldWide Telescope (WWT), a "Universe Information System" that allows users to retrieve and share data using an interface that resembles either the sky or a 3-D view of our universe. The WWT vote represents a bold step by the AAS, making a commitment to use and adapt new technologies in its stated mission "to...

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Seamless Astronomy Colloquium Series

Seamless Astronomy Colloquium Series

February 3, 2014

We are happy to announce the creation of a Seamless Astronomy Colloquium Series, which will focus on the intersection of modern astrophysical research, data visualization, software development, big science data repositories, and professional development for scientists. Our inaugural colloquia was 10 February 2014 by Alyssa Goodman, entitled: "Linking Visualization & Understanding in Astronomy." We plan on holding colloquia on a semester or perhaps...

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2011 May 16

Data Citations Principles Worshop

Mon - Tue, May 16 to May 17, 8:30am - 5:30pm

The goal of the Data Citation Principles workshop is to facilitate collaboration among leaders in publishing, data archiving and data citation research and to articulate common answers to core questions such as:  Should data that is used to support published research results be cited in peer-reviewed articles presenting those results? Should each citation include sufficient information to allow a unique dataset to be identified over time? Should citations to data appear in a consistent place within publication? Should citations to data be indexable so that they can be used for linkage...

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2011 May 05

Harvard Digital Scholarship Summit 2011

8:30am to 5:30pm

Digital scholarship is the use and production of digital forms of research by scholars in the creation of new knowledge. These digital forms are characterized by their distributed and collaborative nature. Examples include digital repositories, research collaboratories, computing grids and web-based publishing platforms.

On May 5th, 2011 Harvard will hold its second Digital Scholarship Summit to bring together Harvard faculty members, PhD researchers, technologists, and librarians. The purpose of the event is threefold:

1.  To discuss critical issues...

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